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Pro Tools Studio Annual Subscription.

Includes standard support via case on and software updates for 12 months.


Ideal for…

Anyone looking to make professional-quality music and beats with easy-to-use creative tools (see what's included)

Included third-party software/services

Celemony Melodyne 5 essential

Included plugins

Artist Bundle (100+ plugins)

Inner Circle rewards

Included with annual subscriptions only

Audio / Instrument / MIDI / Aux Tracks


VCA tracks


Master tracks


Video tracks


Simultaneous recording inputs


Pro Tools systems and interface support

MBOX Studio

Third-party hardware support

Any Core Audio, ASIO, or WASAPI-compatible interface

Multichannel mixing


ARA 2 Melodyne support


Advanced automation


Advanced audio post toolset




At the end of 12 months, if the license is not renewed, the software will stop working.
It works with iLokCloud protection system (which requires permanent Internet connection) or with optional iLok 3 USB flash drive, not included (which does not require Internet connection).

Is Avid discontinuing all Pro Tools perpetual licenses?

Yes. Avid will not sell Pro Tools (standard) and Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual licenses.
Channel inventory of current Pro Tools perpetual licenses will automatically entitle customers to Pro Tools Studio software. Avid is reintroducing Upgrade (Reinstatement) SKUs to allow off-plan perpetual customers to get current.

What happens to existing customers on April 19th, including perpetual customers?

Customers with active subscriptions and current Update + Support plans (perpetual) will automatically get the equivalent tier moving forward: Pro Tools > Pro Tools Studio; Pro Tools Ultimate subscription > Pro Tools Flex subscription; Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual > Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual.

Will Pro Tools Artist be available as Multiseat licenses?

No, only Studio and Flex subscriptions will support EDU Institution multiseat licensing.

What happens to channel stock of Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate perpetual licenses on April 19?

All perpetual licenses in the channel will automatically activate the new equivalent SKU tiers: Pro Tools > Pro Tools Studio; Pro Tools Ultimate > Pro Tools Ultimate.

What kind of 3rd party solution will be included with the Pro Tools Flex subscriptions?

Details of what is included will be shared closer to April 5th.

Will Pro Tool Studio surround mixing support Dolby Atmos?


Will Pro Tools Artist support EUCON?


Will Pro Tools Studio support Pro Tools Sync X?

No. Pro Tools Studio does not support HD hardware, including Sync X—requires Pro Tools Flex/Ultimate.
Is the new Pro Tools | GrooveCell virtual instrument compatible with MPC patches without conversion?
No, but any general MIDI and audio samples can be ingested into GrooveCell.

Will Pro Tools 22.4 be officially supported on Monterey OS?

Yes, pending Apple releasing MacOS 12.3.

Is Beat Detective included in Pro Tools Studio?


Is DigiLink license now automatically included in Flex and Ultimate and not a extra for 3rd party I/O users?

Yes, DigiLink license is now part of the Pro Tools Flex/Ultimate product and not an add-on.

Will the DigiLink be an Option for the Pro Tools Studio?

Not at this time.

Can DigiLink autoloading at startup be disabled in MacOS System Preferences instead of digging into Library and manually changing a text file?

No, as it’s a process and not wrapped as an application.

With the new Avid Link installation, will it block installation on computers with non-supported OS's?

No, Avid Link will not block customers from installing on an OS that has not been qualified.

Will all versions of Pro Tools still require iLok?

Yes, including iLok Cloud.

Does my computer need to be online to be licensed via iLok Cloud?

Yes. When using iLok Cloud, your workstation will need to remain online to license.

Is there any plan to offer pro-rated subscriptions?

Not at this time.

What Pro Tools will be available for Academic?

Both Studio and Flex (and only as Annual Paid Annual).

Is the retiering announcement embargoed until April 5?


For a Ultimate perpetual user, their solution will remain "Pro Tools Ultimate" or it will be renamed "Pro Tools Flex" perpetual?

"Pro Tools Ultimate"—"Pro Tools Flex" refers to the subscription bundle that includes Pro Tools Ultimate software plus a collection of additional 3rd party solutions.

Will there be a migration path from current perpetual license to subscription for current Pro Tools and Ultimate customers?

No. The previous "crossgrade" SKU's that require surrendering their perpetual license are being discontinued.

Will perpetual Ultimate customers get all the added content included in the Flex offering?

No, the added solutions included in the Flex bundle are only included with Pro Tools Flex annual subscriptions.

Is there any way for Pro Tools Ultimate customers to get the added Flex bundle content/licenses?

Not at this time.

What if you crossgraded Ultimate to subscription (since that was the only possibility for a while for customers who dropped out of renewal plan)—can you reinstate the original perpetual to a current renewal plan?

No. There is currently no way to reinstate a surrendered perpetual license.

What is the difference between Pro Tools Studio and current Pro Tools Ultimate?

A lot—the commonality will be that both support surround mixing. Other than that, most specs are different. See the comparison chart for details.

Will Pro Tools Studio support HDX hardware?

No, HDX and HD Native require Pro Tools Ultimate software.

Will all Pro Tools offerings be available on Xchange before April 5 so we can build into our retail system before the launch date?

Yes, all channel SKUs will be available on Xchange on April 5.

Is the DigiLink license included in the Pro Tools Flex license bundle as such?

The DigiLink license is enabled in the Pro Tools Ultimate software.

When does a subscription customer purchase a renewal SKU versus a new subscription?

A subscription customer should use a renewal SKU to renew their subscription up to 14 days past expiration—after that, they will need to purchase a new subscription.

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