Terms of service

For "electronic delivery" products and for plan renewals (software updates and standard support), the communication of codes and system identifiers will take place via email. For other products, delivery will be by courier.

Online prices include VAT

For digital products, i.e. all products with electronic delivery evasion provided with download code and/or activation code, the consumer can withdraw from the contract only if execution has not already begun, i.e. only if the code has not been entered and /o if the download failed.

Therefore we ask you to pay particular attention to the purchase of licenses and renewals and maintenance plans, anything that requires a download code and/or activation code, to be sure of the order you are making, as the codes you will receive for activation and download, once entered and used, they cannot be taken over by the parent company. In fact, once entered, they are no longer usable or resalable. In case of doubts or concerns, write to shop@avid.it and you will receive the necessary clarifications.

Orders will be processed from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18