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PhraseFind Annual Subscription.
Includes standard support via case on and software updates for 12 months.

I upgraded (or downgraded) my operating system and reinstalled Media Composer but the license does not activate. How can I do?

The first advisable thing is to open a case with Avid through your account (refer to the internal ticket opening procedure) and ask for the license to be deactivated. Once you receive confirmation of deactivation, proceed with reactivation. In the meantime, to continue working, you can ask Avid for a temporary license if the deactivation times are too long or you can download the trial

Does the annuity of the license start from the purchase or from the activation?

Starts from the activation date

Can I install my Media Composer license (annual subscription) on a notebook as well?
If so, does it have to have the same OS, or can I have, for example, Windows desktop and notebook OS?

You can install Media Composer on both Mac and PC. Here is the list of hardware features certified and supported by Avid:
In detail, the link includes other links that refer to:
certified Windows computers, certified Mac workstations, workload performance recommendations, Mac and Win compatibility matrix.
The constraint remains that the same license can be activated on only one computer at a time: if it has been activated on pc A, before activating it on pc B, it must be deactivated on pc A (internet connection required).

I would like some advice on which Mac to buy for Media Composer

MC-certified Windows and Mac machines at the following link:
Media Composer:
Compatible MACs
Always updated hardware page:
Avid Configuration Guidelines and Slot Configurations
MediaComposer system requirements:

I have an annual paid monthly subscription purchased on can I renew it on the Avid Italia shop?

No, only prepaid annual subscriptions can be renewed

I have a perpetual license with an expired plan, can I upgrade it?

You can renew your plan within 30 days of the expiration date on your Avid Master Account.
If expired for more than 30 days, it is possible to Crossgrade with an annual subscription

I have an expiring annual subscription, until when can I renew it?

You can renew it within 14 days of the expiry date on your Avid Master Account. After 14 days it will no longer be possible to renew it, you can purchase a new license.

Will I lose days if I renew my annual subscription before it expires?

No, it will renew starting from the expiration date

How to get technical assistance?

Opening a case from your Avid Master Account, here the procedure

How do I activate the license?

Here the procedure

How do I create an Avid Master Account?

Here the procedure

Can I go back to Perpetual once I've upgraded from Perpetual to Annual Subscription?

No, it is not possible to restore the perpetual, except by purchasing a new license.

What are the differences between Media Composer and Media Composer Ultimate?

Here you can find the comparison

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